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Why I'm Running

"Glendale has suffered from a lack of vision and direction for years. The current Mayor has failed to position Glendale for the growth and prosperity other Valley cities are experiencing. While new businesses and residents are coming to Arizona, our Mayor is showing business the door and raising property taxes.

Our Mayor's lack of leadership is hurting Glendale. I want our residents to be proud to once again call Glendale home, and that's why I'm running for Mayor.

I spent more than 32 years responding to crises and solving Glendale's problems as a first responder, serving the last 12 years as Fire Chief, and I want to step up again and serve our city with the same commitment of honor, integrity and trust as your Mayor.

Together, we can move this city forward with a vision of a brighter tomorrow, one that is filled with opportunity, prosperity and pride for all residents. It's time for our elected leaders to execute on a vision for Glendale that provides for economic growth, enhanced services and leadership stability.

As Mayor, I will work to restore public trust by providing principled, moral leadership."
– Mark Burdick

Priorities For Glendale

Chief Burdick's top priorities for Glendale will be to prioritize economic development opportunities, raise all residents' quality of life and significantly improve our city's police, fire and paramedic services.

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